By Ray Rebello

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Manufacturing ERP software and the internet have both experienced transformations—for the better—over the years. Manufacturing companies looking to gain greater insight to their information, integrate their processes, and increase customer satisfaction would do well to educate themselves on what true cloud software can do and on how to avoid fake cloud options.

Mid-sized manufacturers such as yourself are recognizing that incorporating emerging technologies (e.g. Internet of Things (IoT), digital manufacturing, and 3D printing) using cloud technology is becoming essential for you to succeed. However, you may be concerned about selecting the right manufacturing ERP software as well as the complexity of the implementation process, which includes doing research, evaluating multiple options, choosing the best one, and finally, undertaking the implementation. To help the process and address these concerns, we’ve provided a comprehensive manufacturing ERP evaluation checklist and a recent whitepaper on understanding and navigating the current technological landscape.

The rewards of utilizing cloud-based technology are numerous, including the ability to drive a competitive business. And to further assist you in choosing the right cloud ERP system, we have a new (and complimentary) whitepaper, “True Cloud vs. Fake Cloud: How Manufacturing Companies Can Tell the Difference”. It explains how true cloud technology is becoming a manufacturing requirement, how it can increase productivity, and how manufacturers can tell the difference between true and fake cloud options.

How can you tell if manufacturing ERP software is true cloud?

The “right” cloud ERP system is synonymous with a “true” cloud ERP system. But how can you tell if it’s true or fake manufacturing ERP software? Our eleven-page whitepaper, which you can download right now, offers eight identification methods for you to use. Before giving you an example of one of the methods, here’s what else the paper will tell you:

  • Mobile devices can only go so far. Yes, they help stay in touch with your team. What they don’t do—on their own—is provide the ability to see the latest order, production, service and accounting kPIs on your phone dashboard–and drill into the details in real time. This is a major concern, especially for busy executives on the road, remote sales staff, field service engineers, and employees working from home. The whitepaper highlights what hinders mobile devices from providing this real-time visibility and how a cloud-based manufacturing ERP solves it.
  • The cloud enhances productivity. We disclose the four ways productivity increases. One of those four ways is by delivering powerful functionality with industry-specific features, including bill of material software, production planning and control, and more. Broad and deep functional requirements drive the technical foundation of software (e.g. building in document management, engineering the application for growth, and using Microsoft tools and Amazon Web Services (AWS). You can’t modify dated technology for true cloud capabilities.
  •  Different “clouds” are better than others. And by better, we mean those that are true versus those that are fake. Legacy ERP vendors trying to keep up with emerging technology have adapted their manufacturing ERP software by hosting it on the internet. You’ll find out the reasons why they don’t work like true cloud manufacturing software.

As to identifying true cloud manufacturing software, here’s one important factor to look for: Easy upgrades. Legacy system upgrades are slow and expensive; true cloud solutions are just the opposite. We note in the whitepaper, “A good cloud manufacturing solution will upgrade quickly and easily without disruption to your business”—even when customizations are needed.

Let’s do one more: The ability to pay by resource usage, not by the user. Surprised? A true cloud manufacturing ERP won’t punish you for adding occasional users, something manufacturers such as yourself often do. Legacy solutions, however, will still nickel-and-dime you for every user you add.

To find out the remaining six ways to identify true cloud solutions, download our true vs. fake manufacturing whitepaper right now.

Is Acumatica Manufacturing Edition the true cloud manufacturing ERP software for you?

“When you choose the right cloud ERP system for a manufacturing company, that platform will serve as the hub for all your business applications, connecting your software, data services, and equipment,” our whitepaper notes.

The goal of the whitepaper is to help you recognize how a cloud-based ERP for manufacturing can make your life easier and how choosing a fake cloud solution can be detrimental to the success of your manufacturing business. At Acumatica, we want to ensure that you have the facts before you make your cloud manufacturing ERP software choice. Acumatica Manufacturing Edition is a viable, true cloud option.

Acumatica Manufacturing Edition seamlessly integrates your manufacturing, inventory management, and accounting processes. It’s a complete, adaptable, and flexible manufacturing control and planning system and can give you real-time access to every facet of your business.

Again, as you’re investigating your ERP for manufacturing options, contact our experts for a demo today. Put Acumatica Manufacturing Edition to the test and see how our true cloud technology can transform your business.

Read Acumatica’s True vs. Fake Cloud Whitepaper