Why Change?

Invest in an information technology strategy rather than buying disconnected siloed on-premise or disparate once-off cloud applications.

Real-time automation, visibility, and integration is now within reach of all businesses, no excessive “integration” costs anymore

73% of Mid-Market and Enterprise businesses have already commenced with Digital Transformation projects – make the investment count.

Total Implementation, training and support costs to change WILL be affordable

Udexx customers WILL be able to mitigate all implementation and go-live (change decision) risks

Digital transformation, with a sense of urgency and cloud adoption as focus, is no longer an option

Your competitors are not sitting still, they already use cloud technology as the business enabler, your cost of doing nothing is exponential

Your technology investment should be an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption

In a world increasingly digital, all businesses need automation

Automation creates real-time systems of intelligence, which in turn serves as powerful systems of action

Get rid of disconnected data silos in your business

Why Udexx?

Udexx creates the “connected business” thru AUTOMATION | VISIBILITY | INTEGRATION

Udexx supports only the best secure reliable and guaranteed Cloud Business software products.

– Products that are able to scale

– Products that are affordable

– Products that underpins digital transformation AND help execute the business strategy – now … and in future.

Udexx Cloud provides connected cloud business software that has a proven track record and has already enabled the most profound innovation and disruption in the past decade

Software and Cloud data security and confidentiality – Guaranteed.

UdexxTech Cloud products are built with automation in mind.        

One system of action – Real-time; ALL data in one place.

All data Secured, Guaranteed, Reliable.

No disconnected data silos.

FREE Consult available

FREE Business Case Validation available

Full transparency on costs of software and implementation. (Learn more)

30 Day FREE Trial available

Daily 30 Min Coffee Breaks + Live Product Tours + Live Webinars

Weekly newsletters and Blog posts relevant to your business

Short time to value – ROI of more than 250 % average

Lower cost; Lower complexity; Increase predictability

All users and employees have access to the system at no additional license costs

ALL users are trained, not only Super Users

UDEXX Fixed fee guarantee

Cloud on your terms, delivered as you need it – SaaS, Public Cloud, Private Cloud, On-Premise Cloud

Udexx Value Contribution – FAQ?

  • Will we help you sell your products and services better?  Yes

  • Apart from intentional strategic and growth investments, will you receive net material cost savings for what is required in the business?  Yes

  • Will you receive – at no services cost to you – proof of a validated Business case and ROI prior to purchase?  Yes

  • Will ALL your staff – super users, end users and admin functions – be trained?  Yes

  • Will you have properly trained, happier and more productive staff, in a way that they can do their jobs effective and efficient?  Yes

  • Will you experience increased productivity in the business overall?  Yes

  • Will you be able to reduce business, data and systems risk?  Yes

  • Will you be utilizing software that enables execution of the business strategy?  Yes

  • Will your customers and vendors have 360 degree view of all their business transactions and contracts with you, in a dedicated cloud portal, 24/7?  Yes

  • Will you be able to do better marketing, lead generation and better manage sales processes?  Yes

  • Will you deal with a reputable business partner that is flexible, adaptable and who knows what they are doing?  Yes

The Udexx Guarantee

Udexx implement and automate core software product modules * at a GUARANTEED FIXED PRICE 

The “All-in-one implementation, training, and support services price” for a “Core Module Phase 1 implementation” is:-

  • Capped and/or

  • Fixed and

  • The related services cost (excluding XERO Cloud Accounting) will never exceed 85 % of the Year 1 Software License Subscription cost.

Capped and/or Fixed Price Qualification criteria and terms **

Master Services Agreement and SLA Options

Option 1: Time and Material (Traditional Model)

Scope initially agreed, scope can be revised with change orders, fees billed per hour at an agreed rate, payable monthly as the implementation progress. Same billing procedure after 1st go-live.

Option 2: Services Subscription

Scope and fixed fee for 36 months agreed in advance, fixed fee billing annual upfront over 3 years.

Option 3: Value-on-Demand

Scope and fixed fee agreed for Year 1 and payable monthly in advance (12 payments) from date of first kick-off meeting, customer has a choice between “Services Subscription”, “Value-on-Demand”, or “Time and Material” from Year 2 onwards, scope and costs for Years 2 and 3 to be agreed to by commencement of Years 2 and 3 respectively.

** Fixed and/or Capped Price Qualification Criteria and Terms

* Definition of “Core Modules”

  • To ensure a “SHORT TIME TO VALUE”, the Scope and Definition of “Core Modules” are customized to each customer depending on their needs.

Full customer commitment is a requirement

  • Customers MUST commit to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE per an agreed Project Plan and Project RACI *** framework,

  • The “Core Module Phase 1” implementation has to be completed in full within 45 working days (or as otherwise agreed) from the date of official project kick-off, and,

  • Signing a 36 Month master services agreement for both license subscription and services is a requirement.

Customers decide which Service Level Agreement (SLA) option is best for them

Included in the Fixed fee

  • The fixed fee includes design, replication and further enhancement of Management Report Packs and Role-based Dashboards
  • Providing technology so customers can themselves migrate master data, opening balances, and open items at go-live date

Excluded from the Fixed fee

  • Line or transaction level data migration from legacy systems
  • Replication of legacy system integrations to the new system
  • Design and implementation of “new” integrations
  • Changes in business processes and/or consulting in this regard
  • Accounting processing and/or accounting reconciliations

*** RACI = For each project milestone, task and deliverable required, the following are agreed to before the project commences…

  • Who is Responsible – the person who physically has to execute the task(s)

  • Who is Accountable – the person who “supervise” and who is accountable to deliver the expected outcomes on time on budget

  • Who must be Consulted – Lines of Business management, Functional and Technical assistants + Subject matter experts (SME’s)

  • Who must be Informed and by when – normally Project sponsors, Top management and Line of Business Management